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    Do I need an Appointment?
    No you do not need an appointment if you bring in your items on Fridays. If there is another day of the week that works better for you please set up an appointment.
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    How do I bring in my Items?
    Please bring in your items Freshly laundered, folded in a box, bin, basket, or on hangers. These things will be returned to you. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT GARBAGE BAGS!
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    Is there a limit to how much I can consign?
    Yes, we have a limit to 30 items, please make sure they are all in great condition and the current trends. (not older than 2yrs)
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    What sizes do you carry?
    We currently accept XL and above, size 16 and up. We will accept 14/16 but not marked Large!
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    What Brands do you accept?
    We will accept any brand as long as it is current, but our Best sellers are Torrid, Avenue, Talbots, Lane Bryant, Catherines, Roamans, and Macy's.
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    What happens after the 90 days consignment agreement?
    There are two options: 1. You can choose to have your items back that do not sell. You need to remember the date and you will have 7 days to pick up these items, if they do not get picked up they will get donated. 2.Or you can choose to donate them to a local woman's shelter, for example The Compass house or The Harvest House.
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    Do you accept Bra's and Intimates?
    Yes we will. They need to be either Brand NEW with Tags or nearly new without stains, or odors. Underwear is only accepted if it is Brand NEW.
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    What do you not accept for consignment?
    We will not accept anything that is out of date more than 3yrs, Smelly, Stained, holes, missing buttons, etc, covered in pet or people hair. If it comes in, it will get returned to you or donated. Also business suits, vintage, and elastic band pants are very hard to sell.
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    When or how do I get paid?
    You can use your Store credit anytime with a 15% discount on that purchase. If you need a check we will pay it out the first week of each month when we hear from you!! *Please note that Cindy (our owner) is the only one who can write checks so let us know that you are coming in to get it.
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    How do my items get priced?
    Curvy 'n Chic will determine the price of items. We research a lot of sites to find the best price. We usually stick to the rule of 50%-30% of the retail price also taking into consideration the brand, age and condition of the items.