Curvy 'n Chic
A plus size consignment

Please join our Facebook sales page where we will do LIVE sales.

We will choose 10-25  items and the first person to claim them can purchase them and have a week to pick up in store. You can also comment NIL (Next in line) in case a sale falls through we will then contact you. 

Every now and then we will post albums, feel free to claim under the picture and message us what you are interested in.

On our Facebook business page "Curvy 'n Chic you will see all our needs, wants, events. General information. Make sure you stay plugged in so that you Never miss something! 

Our facebook group "Curvy 'n Chic Boutique" is for sales, lives, album sales, etc. 

SHOP often because we are always putting things out onto the floor. 

SHARE the love with your other curvy girlfriends!!!  Thanks in Advance!!

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