Curvy 'n Chic
A plus size consignment

We will not accept your items if they are not freshly laundered.
They can not come straight out of your closet or from being stored in the basement or attic.
They cannot smell of animals, cigarettes, or food. No animal hair or bodily stains.

*~*Please have your items Freshly Laundered!!*~* You need to think if you saw it in a store would you buy it. If you wouldnt then you know the answer.

What we will not accept
​ ​​

We will not accept items with holes, stains, pilling, missing pieces or buttons.

​If we see it while processing your items it will be either thrown out or donated.

We will not accept items that are super old,
Please be mindful to bring in current trends in fashion, nothing older than 2 years.
We hope you can understand that we want to offer current trendy fashion.
Walmart brands are okay, but they will most likely be priced under $10-$5. There is not a huge difference between retail and resale value. 

We will not accept Dollar store brands, Kmart brands, or out of style clothing, or items with cut out tags.